We work in the international organic raw material market with a strategy of supply chain integration.

What we do

We develop, organize and manage all the steps of the production chain of two families of organic raw materials: almonds and tomatoes.

We provide the food industry, wholesalers and retailers with quality, sustainability, traceability and transparency of products, services and relationships.

Our goals

Our aim is to provide the food industry with safe quality organic products generated and processed sustainably, they are totally traceable thanks to the full transparency and continuous information sharing.



We opened our offices for the distribution of organic raw materials in 2012, in a small warehouse in the Roero area of Piedmont. We had a long experience in the international market of organic raw materials from short supply chain and in the development of supply chain projects.

Continuous exchange of views with farmers and operators allowed us to be aware of the environmental critical issues, the market changes and the growing need for safe food produced responsibly.

We wanted to be part of the change and an effective support of the food production system, and we wanted to do it our way: with transparency and responsibility, attention to people and relationships. Ensuring the raw material quality did not feel like enough anymore, we had to provide traceable and sustainable products, transparent information and processes, welcome customers and establish trust and profitable relationships.

In 2017 we decided to invest all profits in supply chain projects and focus on two product families: almonds and tomatoes. As for the almond, we built the entire supply chain internally, from the agricultural production to the industrial processing and marketing. As for the tomato, we created an industrial partnership based on full identity of practices and values.


Today we are a group of 22 people, we only use energy from renewable sources, we have a factory of 2,000 square meters, an advanced technology industrial processing plant, an ever-growing organic almond orchard absorbing 3,000 tons of CO2 per year and customers in 12 countries on 3 different continents.

Our team

We are 22 highly qualified people from different countries.

We believe that differrences help to be far-sighted, give rise to new points of view and improve the quality of what we do, so we are proud to attract them with our constant pursuit of competence, determination and motivation.

Over 66% of the people who work in our offices are women and 50% of the managerial positions are held by women; 30% of the team is composed of people born in countries around the world other than Italy; our age varies from 19 to 64 years, with an average age of 38 years.


Felice Amante is Chief Executive Officer, Head of External Relations, Commercial director and Agricultural Project Supervisor. He graduated in law and has engaged for over 25 years in the development of fully integrated supply chain projects in the world of organic food production.

Francesco Monnati is Chief Operating Officer, Head of the Project Development and Financial Relations and Team Supervisor. He graduated in Grastronomic Sciences and is engaged since 2001 in the development of agribusiness projects with a focus on planning and operations management.