Our passion for organic almonds and tomatoes comes from their nutritional characteristics, their extreme versatility and the long history linking them to the Italian territory.

We chose to focus on these two products for the possibility, that our own history offered us, to control the entire primary supply chain and manage each phase according to our quality, sustainability, traceability and transparency standards.


The almond is rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and is gluten- and lactose-free. It has been grown, processed, consumed and marketed in Italy for two thousand years.

Expergreen focuses its projects on almonds and follows an upstream integration supply chain strategy with the farming and processing activity.







Almonds, thanks to their flavour, composition and versatility, are very popular in gastronomy and cosmetics all over the world. We work to satisfy those markets needs.

products from almond processing

  • Organic shelled, peeled and roasted almonds
  • Organic diced almond
  • Organic almond flour
  • Organic almond paste


The tomato has antioxidant properties, high vitamin and mineral contents and low quantities of fats, sugars and salt. Italy was one of the first European countries to accept its culture, five hundred years ago.

Tomatoes are used in a variety of sectors, particularly in the gastronomic industry, which absorbs most of our semi-finished products.

products from tomato processing

  • Organic diced tomato in aseptic drums
  • Organic tomato sauce in aseptic drums
  • Organic tomato paste in aseptic drums