We guarantee sustainable and safe organic raw materials that meet the required technical specifications through a rigorous system of practices and controls.

Our idea of quality


We design each order individually: with each customer we define technical specifications of the product that meet his needs from time to time.


We carry out regular audits throughout the supply chain to check compliance with rules and procedures, the suitability of practices and equipment and the careful tracking of information.


Compliance and quality controls are performed on every single delivery.


We carry out multi-residual analysis on all batches.


We agree additional analysis plans with the customer according to individual needs.


We are responsible for the whole sales cycle and have a management system of the subsequent potential critical issues.


Our direct involvement in agricultural production, industrial processing, storage and sales allows us to control and guarantee the strictest standards for each of our organic ingredients.

  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Control of organoleptic properties
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Social ethics and sustainability