We feel part of a complex system that needs balance and we are responsible for its protection for us and the future generations.

Sustainability in practice

keyword: balance

Only a balanced system ensures health and well-being to each of its parts and only sustainable actions preserve the balance of the system. Therefore, the commitment to real environmental, social and economic sustainability is the reason of our basic choices and the first requirement of each new step.

what is the meaning of the word sustainability

Producing and working sustainably, in our opinion:

  • Protecting the soil, air, water and biodiversity
  • Guaranteeing those who work with us rights, voice and participation
  • Cooperating with the communities where we work
  • Consolidating and growing the company for the benefit of all people involved

sustainable in practice

Our first sustainable choice is to produce, process and distribute organic raw materials. In the field, we further promote biodiversity and ecosystem balance with the inter-row polyculture and we limit the use of environmental resources through the technological and agronomic innovation. We absorb 3,000 tons of CO2 per year, we only use energy from renewable sources, promote research and development projects aimed at increasing the environmental sustainability of our activities, evaluate the financial sustainability of each initiative, respect and listen to those who work with us and support their training.